The Phonology and Field Research Laboratory (PhonoLab) is located in the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, Room 130 and 130A, Psychology Building Addition, Busch Campus [map and directions].

The Phonolab houses equipment for investigating the phonological module and other cognitive modules that interface with it. The phonological module is responsible for manipulating symbols that are ultimately realized as speech sounds [more ...]. The equipment can also be used for recording and analyzing speech for research in other areas of cognitive science.

The director of the Phonolab is Professor Paul de Lacy. Professor de Lacy is an associate professor in the Linguistics Department.

Since its founding in 2004, the PhonoLab has become a hub for research in linguistics and the cognitive sciences. The Phonolab's equipment and expertise has been used in research in fields as diverse as Linguistics, Psychology, French, and Biomedical Engineering. It has been used by numerous faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers [link]. The Phonolab itself has had 30 research undergraduate students who have produced transcriptions, databases, conference talks and posters, and award-winning theses.

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Research Opportunities

Phonolab RA positions are currently being filled for Fall 2015. Linguistics Majors and Minors and those who have taken 615:451 Phonetics are welcome to apply (

This semester (Fall 2015)

Shu-hao Shih is working on Gujarati schwa, has presented his previous work at Manchester, and will present it at Vancouver in November.

Aldo Mayro is working on American English polysyllabic shortening, under the supervision of Paul de Lacy and Karin Stromswold.

Vartan Haghverdi is working on Armenian schwa.

Paul de Lacy is working with Nuria Sagarra on the influence of syn

Paul de Lacy will give a talk on quality of phonological evidence in Amsterdam in March 2016.


For information about the Phonolab or to use its equipment, please contact Professor de Lacy at